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Quickly and easily monitor your solar PV (Photovoltaic) energy generation system in REAL-TIME from your computer or from anywhere in the world via the Internet.  Be assured that your system is performing properly.  Sun Sentry quickly detects problems and sends immediate automated email alerts to notify you or your installer.

Sun Sentry
is a Windows softwareWindow 7 & 8 Compatible application developed specifically to communicate with the SMA "WebBox" and inverters with any brand of solar panels. 

Sun Sentry provides a wide variety of performance information about your home or business solar power system that assures it is operating properly and performing as expected.  It provides real-time graphs, historical graphs, and statistics related to energy production, energy cost savings, CO2 reduction, etc.  Additionally, it monitors and reports real-time data such as power, voltage, current, inverter temperature, and other important system operational values.  If a problem occurs, you can be quickly notified with an automated email.

SMA is the leading manufacturer of inverters and other equipment used in solar plants for homes and businesses.  The SMA Sunny WebBox (shown on the right) is a data-logging device that connects to the inverters to collect and report system status.  Sun Sentry software communicates with your Sunny WebBox to download data files for safekeeping and provide expanded analysis of system information.

Sun Sentry runs on your local computer or from a remote computer.  It is independent software and can coexsist with any other software that communicates with your PV system.  One big advantage to Sun Sentry is that data stays on your computer and can be viewed in real time.  It also calculates and display numerous addtional data.

Sun Sentry supports the original WebBox that uses the RS-485 interface card, not the BlueTooth version.

For complete details and snapshots of the software in action, see the photos page.

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